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Here there be monsters

sideshow emma
9 January
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I bear a grudge like no one I know. I'm mid twenties (OK, mid to late twenties) going on 15. Am prone to periods of extreme
lunacy and spur of the moment spending. I like to drink beer, lots of beer but I know that I shouldn't..
Flights of fantasy are to be expected.
I like MSN add me if you like... lostcandy@hotmail.com

Oh and there's also the small matter of this minor addiction....

I know my Japanese stinks!
Made by...ME! That's why it's crap!!

And this one...
Domestic Fxxker Family

And now, this one seems to be creeping in too..
Did you make this? Let me know and I'll credit!

And now!! Oh good lord, look what's happened!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Therefore, in conclusion the equation for me is thus:

Emma = Dir en grey + Gazette x OCD